Why Trial Experience Matters

Why Trial Experience Matters - Greene & Associates Cases are won with an experienced, prepared and empowered lawyer.

The courtroom’s no place for the unprepared, the inexperienced, or the faint of heart – it’s a battlefield not for every attorney. That’s why choosing an attorney with trial experience can make or break the outcome of your case.

You didn’t ask to be injured or to be a victim. The repercussions will affect you and your loved ones for years to come. That’s why you need an aggressive strategist and passionate advocate to lead you into battle.

Angela Greene has over 20 years of trial experience on both sides, plaintiff and defendant, and has a nearly perfect win/loss record.

Over time, an attorney who conducts herself with grace, poise and integrity earns professional respect among peers and judges. An attorney who plans for every possible outcome has a lasting impact on the minds of mediators and judges and can deftly persuade a jury. Combined preparedness, reputation and skill are the keys to success in the courtroom.

Experience arguing cases on both sides – for both plaintiffs and defendants – is the ultimate prize in expertise. Angela Greene spent years arguing for the defense on behalf of insurance companies and corporate America.

While she is widely respected and still regularly hired by businesses and insurance companies, she now also uses that experience to represent plaintiffs in personal injury, products liability and medical malpractice suits.

In the unforgiving courtroom arena, there is no room for error. That’s why trial experience matters. Our record is a testament to our expertise. When you hire Greene and Associates, you can be confident in your attorney. We don’t know how to lose.

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