Trial Attorney vs. Lawyer

Another distinction comes down to the courtroom itself. Some lawyers are trial attorneys. That means they are experienced and excel at presenting cases in a courtroom to a jury or to a judge. Some lawyers, known as litigators, are more comfortable with written briefs, preparing paperwork and discussing settlements.

At Greene & Associates, we pride ourselves on trial experience. We take cases expecting that they will go to trial. We do not take them just to settle them. Our attorneys evaluate your case and prepare it expecting to win. We recognize, however that settlement is a great outcome in many cases. So we may recommend it when appropriate. But we never lose sight of the ultimate goal - serving and pursuing our client's desired outcome.

Lawyers who are less comfortable with presenting a case to a jury may shy away from the courtroom. Clients in these situations may also find themselves passed off to another lawyer at a later stage in the process because of a pending trial. When selecting a lawyer, be sure to ask about scenarios in which your case may go to trial and exactly who will be trying it.

Our managing partner, Angela Greene, has a list of courtroom accomplishments and an undefeated trial record to go along with it.