Personal Injury Lawyer

Life is priceless.

Literally. Your life, or that of your loved one, has been forever altered by death. There is no amount of money that can reverse what’s happened. That’s why catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases are so complex and so emotional for our clients.

In personal injury cases, we’re fighting to bring our clients some peace in the wake of the tsunami that has swept through their lives. Here’s what we can do.

  • We can help you reduce financial strain.
  • We can help you improve your quality of life moving forward.
  • We can help you say goodbye.
  • We can help you find closure.

Money is a poor substitute for a life lost in a serious accident. However, we will relentlessly pursue recovery of economic damages to help make you whole after your catastrophic loss. We can pursue compensation for pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of consortium and punitive damages.

Greene & Associates will be your personal advocate.

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