Insurance Defense

Insurance Defense | Ohio and Kentucky LawyerWe have a reputation for defense verdicts.

Insurance companies know Greene & Associates. And more importantly, Greene & Associates know their insurance clients. Our attorneys work with each client to ensure that their policies and reporting requirements are met, all the while mindful of providing a zealous defense to its insureds. And, the results are in.

“Zero” or defense verdicts are rarely printed in papers, but our clients don't seem to mind.

Often the business success of our insurance and corporate clients depends on success in the courtroom, in mediation or in arbitration. Every case and every client deserve an individual plan for success and that is what our clients get.

We know that at times seemingly frivolous lawsuits are brought against insurance companies and corporate America.. The costs of being the “bad guy” are rising and go well beyond mere economics. We defend more than the bottom line; we defend a client's reputation.

Greene & Associates represents national and regional insurers in cases ranging across a broad spectrum of tort liability, such as:

  • First and third-party insurance actions involving auto liability, personal liability, commercial liability and employer liability
  • Claim and coverage disputes
  • Excessive or unnecessary medical treatment
  • False or meritless claims
  • Staging of accidents or damages
  • Bad faith claims

Call Greene & Associates, and the next defense verdict will be yours or your insured's.

We have worked with some of the leading insurers and corporations, including:

  • State Auto Insurance Companies
  • Phoenix Indemnity Insurance Company
  • Fireman's Fund Insurance Company
  • North Carolina Farm Bureau
  • Kentucky League of Cities

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