Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Greene & Associates We understand how overwhelming the legal world can be. We’re here to help.

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I need a lawyer, but I don’t know where to start.
There are many different types of lawyers as well as fields of law in which they practice. Here’s a brief breakdown:

A litigator is a person who prepares lawsuits and cases for trial. They handle the research and paperwork and typically end cases by mediation or settlement. Litigators are also trial attorneys by definition, but many litigators rarely try a case.

A trial attorney has significant experience presenting cases to juries. Some attorneys, like Angela Greene, are both litigators  and trial attorneys, making these two terms interchangeable at times.

Plaintiff: The party bringing the lawsuit against someone else.

Defendant: The party being sued.

There are many areas of law that require extensive expertise but don’t necessarily require litigation. These attorneys handle research, drawing up legal papers and completing transactions such as wills and trusts, real estate negotiations and contracts, marriage contracts and dissolution, environmental legislation, corporate and commercial business matters including contracts, liability, mergers, labor, employment, taxes and securities, to name a few.

If you feel you’ve been wronged or a suit has been brought against you, you likely need a trial attorney.

Greene & Associates has earned millions of dollars in jury awards and settlements for plaintiff clients. Greene & Associates has also defended insurance and corporate clients from unwarranted attacks, often obtaining defense verdicts.

How do I know when it’s time to hire a lawyer?
As soon as you have been injured or experienced a loss. Don’t wait.

Why the urgency? Because evidence can be lost or disappear – and the case along with it.

Greene & Associates, has investigative expertise and know how to track down and preserve evidence. The faster we move, the more evidence we can protect, the stronger your case will be.

Let’s say I hire an attorney to handle my claim. What happens from there?
A case can take many turns in its path toward resolution. But, basically, you can expect the following:

1. First Meeting. During this time, you tell us about your case and we’ll explain how we can help. We’ll also discuss the agreement between attorney and client.

2. You sign the Attorney-Client agreement.

3. We prepare the complaint and file the “birth certificate” of the lawsuit.

4. Discovery Phase. Once the case is filed with the court, we work under the process determined by the court or judge, which includes:

  • Fact-finding on behalf of both parties
  • Exchanging written questions and answers
  • Deposition (obtaining the testimonies) of both parties, as well as, fact witnesses
  • Obtaining expert testimony from doctors and others to determine injury
  • Acquiring the depositions of technical experts such as engineers, architects and other specialty witnesses as necessary
  • If there are damages or economic loss, a vocational expert and economist will be interviewed to determine past and future loss

5. Mediation. When the discovery stage is over, the courts will ask that the case be mediated and won’t give a trial date until mediation has been attempted. About 85% of cases are resolved at this point.

6. Trial. If mediation fails, we will take your case to trial. A normal jury trial lasts about 3-5 days.

7. Appeal. If you win, there is often an automatic right to appeal. This can extend the life of the case two years or more.

At Greene & Associates, we understand you’re putting your faith and trust in us, and we believe in your case. We’ll fight for our clients and work tirelessly to deliver results. We will help you get the closure you deserve. We’re in this together and once you’re a client, you’re a part of our family.

How long will it take to resolve my claim?
Some claims resolve quickly. Others take years. The average lifespan of a suit from filing to resolution is 18 months.

How much money is my case worth?
Our best and honest answer to this question is “I don’t know.” That’s why we’re different from other personal injury and civil attorneys.

Just because you walk into a court room doesn’t mean you’ve won the lottery. Once your lawsuit is filed, it’s up to us to prove the merit of our case. Through relentless investigation and the presentation of evidence, we work to win our clients fair compensation.

Will I have to testify?
Most likely. In nearly every personal injury case, there are few people who can tell your story better than you can.

Do I have any out of pocket costs?
No. There are no out-of-pocket costs up front. The cost of your case will be detailed in the contract we agree upon. Greene & Associates takes many of our cases on a contingency basis.

Ethically, we cannot fund your case for you, and so as part of our contract the client must agree to repay the costs of the case win or lose, but you will have a say in these costs and they will not be finalized until the close of the case.

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