Defective Products & Product Liability

Defective Products & Product Liability - Greene & Associates When we purchase a product, we trust it’s safe. Then, something goes wrong.

Here’s a terrifying fact: It’s estimated that 22,000 deaths and 29.5 million injuries are associated with consumer products, according to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission. This far exceeds the number of people who will be stricken with cancer this year, as estimated by the American Cancer Society.

People take it for granted that measures have been taken during research, development and production to ensure a product’s safety. Despite the strict regulations set forth by CPSC, thousands of dangerous products make it to market every day and many unsuspecting consumers are harmed before the hazard is corrected.

In most cases, manufacturers – together with all contributors on a product – will work diligently to remove the product from market and correct the problem as soon as a defect is identified. However, situations arise in which a company works more diligently to protect its bottom line than it does to protect consumers.

Product liability law is the area of law that ensures that everyone responsible for the creation and sale of a product – including manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and distributors – are held accountable for the safety of that product.

Greene & Associates has represented many clients who’ve suffered injury or loss as a result of product defects. We’ve also worked on the other side of the bar to defend manufacturers and large-scale corporations against liability claims. This experience has uniquely positioned us to deliver in the courtroom for either side.

Read about some of our success stories in product liability lawsuits. Among many victories, Angela Greene won a jury trial on behalf of Russell Lewis and successfully defended a small business owner, Paul.

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