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Angela L. GreeneA resume and credentials only go so far.

So at Greene & Associates, we believe in letting our clients tell their stories and letting our experience speak for itself. Every case is different, and we give each client the personal attention he or she deserves. Here are some examples:

We also encourage you to read more about Lewis v. Alfa Laval Separation, Inc., a large personal injury case that resulted in a $650,000 jury award and more than a million dollars in payment after the case was affirmed by the appeals court.

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Additional Personal Injury Cases

While representing regular people who have ben injured, Greene & Associates has won jury trials or pushed for settlements resulting in the following awards:

  • $900,000 for a person who suffered brain injury
  • $850,000 for an individual withhearing loss
  • $335,000 for an auto accident that resulted in a broken arm
  • $310,000 for an individual who suffered a traumatic head injury
  • $110,000 for a person who suffered a cervical strain as a result of an auto accident
  • $100,000 for an individual suffering a neck injury

Our attorneys also have tried and appealed cases that resulted in published decisions. Most of these cases resulted in verdicts for individual, corporate and insurance defendants. They demonstrate Angela Greene's skill in preparing and presenting cases with complex legal issues surrounding personal injury, product liability, wrongful death and other areas of law:

  • Brooks vs. Grams Inc. (Ky. Ct. App), (auto accident) Result: Affirmation of a summary judgment for the defense
  • Shea vs. Bombardier Inc. et al., Boone County Circuit Court (Ky 2011) (product liability) Result: Defense verdict
  • Cross vs. Cincinnati Ins. Co., (Ohio Ct. App.), 2004 Ohio 328 (2004) (auto accident) Result: Dismissed an appeal by the plaintiff
  • Queen vs. Huntley, (Ohio Ct. App.), 2003 Ohio 4554 (2003) (injury) Result: Affirmation of a summary judgment for the defense
  • Morrison vs. Alexander, (Ohio Ct. App.), 2002 Ohio 4346 (2002) (auto accident) Result: Affirmation of a case dismissal
  • Miller vs. Biggers, (Ohio Ct. App.), 2001 Ohio 2544 (2001) Result: Appeal dismised
  • Shelton vs. Eagles FOE Aerie 2232, (Ohio Ct. App.), 2000 App. LEXIS 604 (2000) (personal injury) Result: Affirmation of a declaratory judgment
  • Estate of R. Hayden vs. Little Creek Construction, Inc., Greenup Circuit Court (Ky 2010) (wrongful death) Result: defense verdict
  • Leach vs. Thomas Landscaping Inc. et al., Campbell Circuit Court, (Ky 2009) (breach of contract) Result: Defense verdict for one defendant; verdict for client on counterclaim

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